#phonar (Photography and Narrative) is a free, open and connected undergraduate class run by Jonathan Worth and Matt Johnston at Coventry University.

At the core of the class is the question "what does it mean to be a 21st century photographer?". Throughout the ten week class we seek to break down this question, provide small tasks to help us address it and also bring in relevant individuals to posit answers as well as very often, more questions!

As #phonar reacts to the paradigm shift in both photography and education, so too does it's content. Lately we have been exploring… data mining, geotagging, giff making, glitching, distributed authorship, archives, hypertext navigation and a whole bunch more.

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And listen to Jonathan and I talk about the project here…


Jonathan introduces #phonar 2012
Participant locations - Week 1 2012
Work from #phonar 2013
Sean Carroll
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Work from #phonar 2013
Heidi Culverwell