A keynote presentation delivered at UWE Bristol. This talk gives n overview of The Photobook Club, #phonar, #picbod, and how these projects have influenced and been influenced by my pedagogic practice.

The full talk with slides can be seen by following this link.

Open Pedagogy and Engaging with Creative Industries

"We were very pleased to welcome Matt Johnston, a photographer and educator based in the UK. His pioneering work at Coventry University co-developing several 'world leading' open photography classes has received numerous plaudits. Matt also works to promote and enable discussion around the physical photobook, launching the 'Photobook Club' in 2011. In his presentation, Matt outlined the many benefits of a holistic approach to open and engaged pedagogy. His focus was on the importance of autonomy in the learning community, how open teaching promotes entrepreneurship and the possibilities for professional engagement and partnerships without losing academic credibility."