Author(s): Ken Schles and Matt Johnston
Editor: Matt Johnston
Publisher: The Photobook Club
Edition: PDF and iBook

Available here (PDF) and here (iBook)

This resource is not meant to replicate the holistic nature of the book 'Invisible City' but is instead designed to act as an introduction, guide and enhancement depending in your current knowledge of this great work.

"The most surprising publication of 2012"
- Taco Hidde Bakker

Featured in... Markus Schaden's investigation into digital works within European Photography magazine (2013)

Featured in... 'Publish Your Photography Book' by Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes (Princeton Architectural Press)
PDF edition of Invisible City
Ken's hand-altered notes from 1990
Featured in European Photography
iBook edition of Invisible City
Featured in Photoworld magazine